Safe Zone, from 2022 ongoing
watercolor and marker on paper, 21x29,7 cm each

In my new project, I am researching the definition of a safe zone in contemporary women’s life. I am particularly interested in the female (naked) body and its role in different historical and political contexts. Safe Zone focuses on the body as a means of connection, self-realization, and also frustration. The project is raising questions about belonging, fragility, and openness in human relationships in the current apocalyptic times.  


The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Hitchhiker to Kyiv

Ex-Boyfriend for Dinner

Death of Misogynist

Ivan the Fool and Baba Yaga

Sphinx after Drtikol

Grey-Haired Cavewoman

The Summer is Over

Two Girlfriends and the Beast

The Mother, the Daughter, and a Man

Wanderer above the Sea of Death

Indian Summer with Carl and Sigmund

At Gynecologist

Sunset at Nudist Beach

Halloween Date


The Dead Don't Die

Mother Russia

Monday at Studio

Making Love

The Big Fear

Übermensch and Nietzsche

The Winter Is Coming

The Antichrist

Winter Flu

Pissing on Pollock

Artist and Curator

Who’s Afraid of New Age


Old and New


Wolf Moon

The Artist Is Working

Girlfriends Passing the Apocalypse

Evening at Studio

Plan B

Daughter and Mother