Existential Crisis, 2021-22, solo show at Van Zijll Langhout/Contemporary Art, Amsterdam
49 drawings, 2020-21, watercolor and marker on paper, 21x29,7 cm each
Spring in Amstelpark, 2021, watercolor on paper, 150x200 cm

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, I started to draw images of my isolated life and the regular one I was missing. It helped me to connect and show solidarity with others, who could recognize themselves on some of these images. 
The drawings are dealing humorously with the joys and sorrows of contemporary western society and my position in it as a female artist.
Parallel to this, I was drawing landscapes in the city parks.

This project was finilised in the book, more info HERE

Installation view

Intallation view

Spring in Amstelpark


Rhododendron in Amstelpark

Full Moon Insomnia I

Volleyball Net

Couple with Beer

The Party is Over

Tree in Sarphatipark

Touchless Grief

Midnight Craving

Diemerbos I


Funeral with Serbian Priest

In the Shadow

La Boheme

Path Between Trees

Online Perfromance

Jade Egg

On Amstel 

Lockdown Christmas

On Amstel II

Barefoot in Waver


Diemerbos II

Existential Crisis

Death or Love

Red Vespa

Venus with Joint and Dildo

Women in Amsterdamse Bos

Sculpture in Sloterplas

Online Birtday Party

Crow in Amstelpark

Full Moon Insomnia II

Female Artist

Cat and Cow Position

The Pregnanat Intellectuals

Bench in Ockenburgh

Rhododendron in Ockenburgh


Mother and Daughter


Dutch Dunes

Hidden Field in Beatrixpark

Everything Will Be Alright

Man in Park Frankendael

Parent and Child in Twiske

New Year’s Resolutions

Red Tree in Amsterdamse Bos


Girlfriends above Geuzenveld

Vegan Guest