Corona Diaries, 2020
Aquarelle and marker on paper, 21x29,7 cm each

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, I started to draw images of my isolated life and my “normal” one I was missing. It helped me to connect and show solidarity with others, who could recognize themselves on some of these images.

Full Moon Insomnia


Online Birthday Party

Midnight Craving

Self Isolation

Jade Egg

Three Girlfriends Nostalgia 

Incognito Smoking

Full Moon Insomnia I

Death or Love

Apocalytic Dating

Existential Crisis

Albert Heijn (diptych)

Funeral with Serbian Priest


Home Schooling

Touchless Grief

Full Moon Hash Pipe (diptych)

Last Time in Cinema

The Party is Over

Venus with Joint and Dildo

Cat and Cow Position