Practice of Silence, 2016
animation loop projected on charcoal wall drawing, sound
3D animator: Anya Shapira

This work is dealing with traveling and depicts an endless tunnel with a light coming out of it. Immigrating from the early age; first from Russia to Yugoslavia as a teenager, then to Israel in my youth years and later to the Netherlands, I am used to the constant movement to the unknown. The feeling from one side of hope-light, and from another of fear-darkness, is something I am almost addicted to and use its contradictions in my work.

The title of the work alludes to different self-reflective practices such as Yoga, Vipassana and Ayahuaska Ceremony. Used for inner journeys these practices became an important part of contemporary culture of self-healing. The other meaning of the title is the silence that one has to keep while hiding, (illegal) migration or any other painful process.

The mental and physical traveling is something I often refer to in my practice, as due to my personal story, it became a core of my life and work.

Practice of Silence was the closing piece of I-Sanctuary solo show. It summarized the total experience of the exhibition, arousing transcendental and slightly psychedelic perceptions.

1:30 min documentation